The biggest thing going on around here was my sister's prom last week, so here's a few pics.

She won Dutchess!

Airamee & Tessa

Liam & Tessa dancing

Here are some other just-because pictures.

Even though Tessa and Liam are over 3 years apart, they are really playing together now. It is so nice! Liam helps take care of Tessa however he can, like trying to put her shoe on when she loses it. And Tessa is always thinking of Liam first, if I give her a snack or anything, she always goes and gives it to Liam and then comes back for herself. They love each other so much!
Here's a quick update on us. Tessa is almost 18 months, I can't believe it's been that long, but sometimes I can't believe she's only that young. She is finally starting to get some words out, but she yaks all the time. Tessa especially loves to talk on the phone. Liam will be out of school soon, but we have Kindergarten registration next week and T-ball starts the end of the month. He is so smart and loves letters. I am keeping busy with the kids, the house, Primary and working 2 days a week. I can't believe I am over halfway through my pregnancy! We are so excited for our new addition, Liam says it's a brother, I hope he isn't too disappointed if it isn't. Ryan is keeping very busy, thankfully. He is also getting everything ready to take his Journeyman test again, it's so stressful! I guess at least he can relax on the ATV we just got. Liam and Tessa love it, too. The helmet we have drowns Tessa, but she doesn't care as long as she gets a ride!
Happy Easter all!