New adventure

I just got signed on to be an Alison's Pantry Rep. I'm super excited to get to know people and to try products! If anyone else is interested in becoming a rep (they are looking for some in Utah and Nevada), let me know!



So, I'm way overdue...for an update, that is. Here is a little of what's been going on.

Ryan--started work with a new company so he could be closer to us. The hours haven't been much, so he has also been looking for and doing many side jobs from getting firewood, to building a retaining wall, to mechanicing. He is an amazing guy and works so hard to take care of us. I love him so much.

Me--got put in as Young Women's President, yes, you read right. I had no idea how consuming it is, how much you think about it, but I am loving this opportunity and having fun. (If anyone has any activity or activating ideas, I would love to hear them.) I'm also staying busy with the three kiddos.

Liam--has only 2 days of school left, then he'll be a 1st grader, it has gone by so fast. He has done so well this year and learned so much. Liam is a good little reader and loves math. He is playing t-ball and looking forward to swimming lessons. Liam also learned how to rappel for Easter. It was awesome!

Tessa--is a little talker! I still don't understand everything, but she is very good at telling us what she wants and picking up funny things to say. Tessa also has mastered pedaling her trike and can almost ride Liam's bike. She is such a joy and so funny.

McKell--is 9 months now and working on her teeth. We also found out she had an ear infection, and since that has cleared up, she is the funniest baby! She laughs at everything and has started scrunching up her nose and sniffing in & out really fast and laughing. It makes all of us laugh, too. McKell also really loves her brother and sister and is just content to watch them play (she hasn't started crawling yet). She's so little and squishy, I just love her!

Here's to a great summer!