Okay, so we have officially had our first experience with stitches. Tessa loves the road and runs to it as soon as she is let free outside (if I were reading this, I would assume some tragic accident is about to happen, but it doesn't). So, Ryan's parents were visiting and we were going to go for a drive. We were loading up the truck and Tessa heads for the road. Ryan goes to get her, and I hear her start crying. Apparently she slipped on some ice and bent over and hit her face on the ground. Ryan says, 'she's got a gash on her head' fairly calm-like (as husbands seem to have a way of doing) and I think it's not that bad, cause she's not screaming. Well, we get cleaning it up and decide we better take Tessa to the clinic for a 'good band-aid'.

This is how she looks...

And this is how she acts as we're waiting for the doctor...

Tessa was totally happy, crazy girl!

So the doctor says we have two options, glue (which he wouldn't use on his own kids) or stitches. So we say stitches. He says, 'we have this stuff on a pad that we just place on her head to numb the area instead of giving her a shot'. We're like, awesome, less pain. The clinic didn't have have any, so glue it was. The doctor starts breaking the little tubes of glue, and, 10 tubes later, none of them work, in the meantime we are holding my little baby down on the table and she's screaming from being restrained. So, onto the stitches idea again. One numbing needle, 3 pricks, 3 stitches and an hour later, we are finally done.

So we went through a week of the little comments you get from people when their face looks like this and has a band-aid across the forehead. You know the ones, like 'what happened!?!' 'what did you do to her!?!' 'stop beating on your kid!' so you feel like the worst parent ever. But, here we are almost a week later, the stitches are out and she is totally fine, thank goodness. Now, time will tell us how bad the scar will be on her pretty face. (BTW these are all pics off a phone, so that's why they look so high quality)