Catch up

So, I am awful at the blog thing and it's time to catch up.

Easter came and went pretty quick.

We didn't even get to egg decorating til Easter day.

The kids obviously don't care.

We've been to two funerals since I last posted. My great grandma and my grandpa's sister. In both cases it was alittle sad to know they'd gone, but it was better for both of them. My great grandma was almost 95 ( I'm actually due right around her birthday) and my great aunt had Alzhiemer's(?) for the last few years.

Liam graduated from Head Start.

He's not into singing in public, but he belts out songs at home. Everything from 'We All Sing with the Same Voice' to 'Happy Birthday' to the ABC song (always missing the m or n) to 'My Eternal Family'. I love to hear him singing primary songs, because he will not sing IN primary. Liam's Head Start teacher actually told me her only concern with him going to Kindergarten is that he's too quiet! I don't see that side much, he must bottle up all his noise to unleash at home.

Liam also started t-ball. He's turning into a little slugger.

I had the best Mother's Day of my mothering career. I usually really don't like that day, but it turned out great. When we came home from church, I hadn't planned anything for dinner, so I made waffles, bacon, eggs and hashbrowns and it all tasted so good! (I'm kind of at a point where nothing sounds good to eat) Liam made a present for me in Head Start, a giraffe recipe holder, the kids made handprint lilies in primary, which turned out so cute and Ryan remembered ;) and got me new flip flops and some chairs for our front porch so I can look out and see this...

Yes, we have beautiful, lush, green grass. I LOVE it! It makes our house just that much cuter.
The only problem is that cute little girl in the doorway + the porch stairs + that little red trike. I wish I had a picture to share, but the sum of all that isn't very pretty. Tessa rode off the stairs on the trike twice in one week, and as luck would have it, landed on the same side of her forehead. She is such a tomboy, she's fearless.

Anyway, we are just enjoying a lazy summertime and counting down the family birthdays til our new baby arrives!