What we've been up to...

October was a pretty busy month for us, we had something going on every weekend. The first weekend, Ryan's uncle Kerry and his family came down to visit us. It was fun to see them and let the kids play together since they are all pretty close in age. Tessa was just one of the boys.

We went to Devil's Rock Garden...

I don't know why the colors look so different in every picture, but it is gorgeous.

Calf Creek...

Hell's Backbone Bridge...

and also celebrated Ry's 30th birthday!

I think Tessa enjoyed it the most!

The next weekend my family went to the St. George Temple to do my Grandpa's work for him. I can't believe it's been a year. It was a really special day, and the workers treated my Grandma like it was her wedding day. I am so happy we were able to spend the day doing the sacred work to seal my family together.

The next weekend we went back to St. George for Ry to take another shot at his Journeyman exam. We had been planning to this since the summer, so we spent the night in a motel so the kids could play in the pool.

The next day the kids and I just hung around St. George while Ryan took his LONG test. We went to the Temple, the park, the Dinosaur Discovery place, and went to eat with my friend and old roommate, Amy. I had fun Amy, thanks for putting up with us!

The next weekend our Tessa Girl turned 2! She is so much fun; she loves to help with anything, dishes, McKell, laundry, cleaning, whatever; she loves music and singing; she's just starting to talk a little more, but she rattles on like she's having a conversation with you just saying 'dddddd', and she sure knows how to get after brother; Tessa is such a joy, but the terrible two's have definitely hit! She can be a mean little bugger and ornery, too. But we love her and can't imagine life without her. We love you big girl!

Then, of course, we had Halloween the next weekend. First came the pumpkin...

then the long-awaited night.

Liam kinda looks like one of 'the Wild Bunch' and
Tessa's a homemade Tinkerbell.

We went Trunk-or-Treating...

then door-to-door.

The kids with their haul (we weighed their bags, both
were 6+ lbs! yuck!)

Now we're into November, and I was able to go to Time Out for Women in St. George. It was awesome. The speakers were amazing and funny and had really timely messages. I really felt like I heard things that I needed to hear and things that I needed to be reminded of. I highly recommend it, I will definitely be going again!
We were able to go to my youngest sister's last home volleyball game (she's a Senior), and then she was invited to play in a 1A vs 2A all-star game which we went to see as well. She's is an awesome setter (I think, anyway) and just a good, fun girl. We love you, Airamee! Also, Liam's first semester of school ended a couple weeks ago, and he had been in extended-day Kindergarten for a little extra help. His teacher was excited to tell me that he doesn't qualify for that program this semester! He really has come a long way and learned a lot. Liam loves to sing his alphabet backwards now and tell me all the letters he sees everywhere. He also is learning to read and likes to 'read' me books. McKell just turned 3 months and is growing way too fast, she is turning into a chunky baby! She loves to smile, and tries to laugh, but mostly ends up with hiccups. I just love the baby sounds she makes! One night, we were just sitting around talking and she started gooing and gurgling really loud like 'I want in on this, too!'. McKell loves attention from just about anyone, but really likes it when brother and sister try to make her smile. I love my family!!!